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Artist Statement & Biography

As a photo artist, I intend the viewer to see my work more as paintings than as photographs. The photographic medium enables me to create images that are in the tradition of Impressionism and abstraction.

Water as a subject, has an elusive quality, ever changing within the environment that contains it. I am forever drawn to reflective imagery.

A 2005 graduate of the Studio Arts program at the University of Guelph, I have continued to develop my practice and the uniqueness of imagery by joining international photo tours that have included several in Italy, and South India. While travel has been a significant source for image making, I find myself drawn to local sites, such as the Guelph Speed River where I can return again and again.

I have exhibit regionally including the Guelph Studio Tour, the “Art On The Street” as well as local restaurants and office venues. In addition to my home studio, and my annual spring show in our garden, my work can be seen at the Art Gallery of Guelph Gift Shop. From 2004-2009, served as the volunteer coordinator of the Arts sales & rentals of MSAC.

Oaxacan wall art3