Annette has a need to be creative and she fulfills that through the medium of photography. Her creativity begins with choosing the image and continues through the edit and print process. She hopes that the images that she selects will have a life beyond the moment of capture. Will it inspire, calm or live comfortably on someone’s wall?

Annette’s work can be abstract, impressionistic or realistic, however, people nearly always mistaken her photography for paintings.

Annette loves water in nature as a subject. She studies it’s reflective and moving surfaces to capturing hidden and surprising imagery not seen by the human eye. She also takes inspiration from the landscape and the built environment.

Twist is a 2005 graduate from the University of Guelph’s Studio Arts program. This followed a 28 - year career as a social worker and manager with the Ontario government. Since then, she has shown in the Guelph Studio Tours, Art In the Street, Insights 2017, the AGG art sales and rental and in a variety of local restaurants and business venues.

She works from her home - based studio and frequently opens her beautiful garden in the Spring to show and sell her work.