Cartagena Facade
Cartagena Facade Detail
Cartagena Facade Decor
Window Detail
Cartagena Facade Colours
Cartagena Facade Colours 2
Cartagena Musician
Umbrella Alley
Umbrella Alley
Umbrella Alley3
Random Umbrellas
Getsemini Umbrellas
Three Arches
Three Arches 2
Details Are In the Shadows
Details Are In the Shadows 2
Details Are In the Shadows 3
Details Are In the Shadows 4
Golden Facade
Golden Facade2
Golden Facade1
Golden Facade3
Wear & Tear
View on the Street
Cat in a Window
Cat on Duty
Cat Posing
My Street Buddy
Off to School
Off to School 2
Getsamini Wall Murals
Orange Juice Vendor
Paint Wearing
Hydro Pole
Facade Detail 4
Mixed Media Wall Art
Mixed Media Wall Art 2
Mural Detail 5
Mural Detail 6
Planter Box Mural 4
Planter Box Mural 5
Bloom on the Wall
Painted Plant
Painted Plant 2
Red Lips
The New and The Old
Wall Art Detail
Wall Art Detail 2
Wall Art Detail 3
Wall Sculpture
Waterfall Mural
Reflecting Sculpture
Hat Stand
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